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In order to improve safety and reduce virus transmission, Meadowlark Psychiatric Services is offering remote services in addition to in-person therapy and psychiatric services. If you would like to use Telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis, please call the front desk (319-626-3300, option 2) and ask to set this up.  We will also ask to update your phone number in case we need to call you to troubleshoot during the Telehealth process.

To use Telehealth, please be in a private location and be using a secure (non-public) internet connection. All internet therapy at Meadowlark is done via HIPAA compliant, private telehealth services.

Since we are still offering some in-person services, please be sure that you and your provider are clear on the type of appointment you would like by calling our office at 319-626-3300 and speaking to our schedulers (option 2).

Most of our providers are using the website called for appointments. In order to use this service, you need to use the appropriate browser for your system:

For all apple products (iMacs, iPads, iPhones, etc.)–please use the Safari internet browser.

For all other products (PCs, Androids, Google phones, etc.)–please use the Google Chrome internet browser.  Most devices already have this, but if you need to, you can download and install it from the Google Play app.

A few minutes before your appointment, please click the link below that corresponds to your clinician. You will then be asked for your name (first names are fine) and then it will take you automatically to the clinicians’ virtual waiting room.  They will start your video session as soon as they are available. During this time, no one except your clinician can see that you are in the waiting room and the program will alert your clinician that you are waiting.

It is a good idea to begin logging in 15 minutes prior to the appointment time in case you have any questions or issues. Please call the front desk if you have any questions or difficulties with the login process (319-626-3300, option 2).

  • Click here for printable instructions. You can type your provider’s web address into your browser or you can simply click their link below to be taken to your provider’s waiting room.

Dr. Okiishi- /DRCOKIISHI

Dr. Lauer- /DOCLAUER



Dr. Judge-Ellis

Melissa Gentry- /PAGENTRY

Drew Martel- /DMARTEL

Emily Michener- /EMILYMICHENER

Ian Kerns- /IANKERNS

Kate Bell- /KATEBELL


Laura Lundell- /LUNDELL

Monica Schmidt- /MONICASCHMIDT


Jill Connors- /JILLCONNORS


Kit Crane- /KCRANE

Lance Clemson- /LANCECLEMSEN

Jennifer Zaichenko- /JZPA

Jillian Polaski- /Jillianp

Robert Cherry- /ROBERTCHERRY

Dennis Dozier- /DDOZIER

Dr. Richard Martin- /RICHARDMARTIN

Jennifer Drew- /JENNIFERDREW