Informed Consent Statement, Client Information, & Office Policies

Thank you for choosing Meadowlark Psychiatric Services. We want you to know what to expect as you participate in treatment at this facility. We offer both medication management and counseling for the treatment of psychiatric and psychological disturbances. In addition we offer psychological testing if your clinician feels that it is necessary. If you see a provider that can prescribe medications, he/she may see fit to prescribe one to you for the treatment of your symptoms. This is something that you and your provider will discuss and decide together. For treatment to be effective, medications must be taken as prescribed. With any medication, there are always risks of side effects that you and your provider will discuss. Results cannot be guaranteed for everyone, however with patients in continued care, excellent results are often achieved.

If you choose counseling or if one of the providers in our office refers you to counseling, you will meet with one of our therapists. Most likely, your therapy will involve discussion of personal issues. At times these may feel somewhat uncomfortable to discuss. Counseling relationships take time to develop just like any other relationship. Often it is important to see your therapist several times before you make a decision about whether or not it is a good fit. Therapy or counseling is not helpful to everyone but frequently, if given a chance can be extremely beneficial.

All of your treatment at Meadowlark Psychiatric Services is kept confidential. No information will be released without your written consent unless your clinician feels you are a danger to yourself or others. Releasing information to any agency or individual will require a signed release of information. Please ask for a HIPAA brochure if you have further questions about our privacy policy. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with your care. If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask any of our staff.

Confidentiality: Your confidentiality is one of our highest priorities. We are required by law to provide you a copy of specific privacy policies. These policies were enacted under the legislation called HIPAA which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. At your first visit, you will be offered a copy of our HIPAA brochure that explains our privacy policies in detail.

Insurance Payments: It is your responsibility to know who administrates your mental health benefits and you’re your mental health benefits are under your insurance policy. Please contact your insurance company for authorization to receive treatment. Insurance companies often require preauthorization for mental health related services. As a courtesy, we will make reasonable attempts to get authorization for your services through your insurance company. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you have authorization for your services through your insurance company. Insurance companies will often deny payment for services because there is not a preauthorization for the service. You will be responsible for payment of all services that are not paid by your insurance company, including denials for no preauthorization.

Payment of Services: You are responsible for the timely payment of all services rendered, even if health insurance will pay for a portion of the charges. It is our policy that the person who seeks treatment is responsible for payment of those services. Our policy is to charge $25.00 for any returned check. This charge will be included on your statement at the end of the month. Accounts with balances that are 90 days or older will be sent to a collection agency. Payment plans are available upon request.

Scheduling and Keeping Appointments: If you are unable to keep an appointment for any reason, please call us as soon as possible. Appointments not kept and not cancelled by closing the day before the appointment, will be assessed a “No Show Charge” of $65. After two missed appointments or late cancellations, action may be taken to terminate care. Keeping appointments is an important part of treatment as well as a necessary business practice. We will not charge for late cancellations due to weather.

Release of Information: Information will not be released without a signed release of information. Please ask the front desk for a release for any individual or agency that you would like involved in your care. Any paperwork or correspondence that you need completed will require a signed release of information.

Prescription Refills: We require 72 hours advance notice to call in prescriptions with no refills remaining and for writing scripts for controlled substances. If you have refills, please contact your pharmacy to request a refill.

Forms and Paperwork/Attorney Work: We charge for forms and paperwork/attorney work. Our primary business is to provide psychiatric care to our clients. Requests to handle forms and paperwork/legal matters take away from this responsibility. There will be fees associated with this work including but not limited to; attorney correspondence, interviews,
depositions, copies of records, subpoenas, all office time, FMLA paperwork, insurance forms, clinician and physician time. We will not charge for medical records sent to physicians, hospitals and other clinicians.

Emergency/After Hours: If you have an emergency need for a physician after hours, please go to the nearest emergency room, or call 911. If you have an urgent need for a physician after hours, please listen to the entire voicemail. It will have options for you. Also communicate with your physician at your appointment how they handle after hours needs as they do differ.